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Services | Independent Research Providers

IND-X provides advisory, marketing, support and overall account management services to Independent Research Providers, especially those based in or focused either on the Asia-Pacific region or on Emerging Markets.

IND-X sources independent investment research for Fund Managers.  

We identify the right clients for your products by constantly reviewing and expanding our global institutional client base.

Drawing on over 20 years of experience in marketing investment research to institutions globally, we visit existing and potential institutional clients in Asia, Europe and North America on a regular basis, to ensure we keep abreast of their research needs.

We save you time and money by sparing you unnecessary marketing phone calls and helping you target the right clients.

We are constantly expanding and developing our contacts as new funds appear.

Once we have identified the right clients for you, we help manage your relationships with them.

We provide a variety of services ranging from simple introductory to full account management, including invoicing and payment collection; meeting arrangements and scheduling of visits; fee negotiation and research distribution.

No other company provides such a comprehensive service.

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