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Services | Institutional Investors

IND-X provides investment research advisory services to institutional investors. We aim to provide fund managers with access to the best independent investment research, covering predominantly the markets and securities of the Asia Pacific region, but also including global macro-economic strategy.   

We meet with clients on a regular basis to assess their research requirements. Based on this understanding we recommend to our clients' independent research products that are most relevant to their investment strategies and mandates.  

Our research product range consists of:

  • Six separately branded subscription research products that are produced by distinct teams of analysts at IND-X;
  • Products and services of select third party independent research providers that we have partner relationships with.

The research providers employ a broad variety of approaches including: fundamental company analysis, sector and industry analysis, economic forecasting, technical analysis, impacts of government policies and geopolitical events, forensic accounting, corporate governance studies and a number of other specialist fields.

Please click here for further information about the research services: Independent Research Providers 

Why Independent?

Changes in the global regulatory environment over the last few years have made the playing-field for 3rd Party Independent Research Providers and integrated securities companies increasingly level.

The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) set out high level requirements that encouraged increased competition and consumer protection in investment services. From this Directive, the practice of charging separately for research and execution once sold together, or "unbundling", challenged the traditional bulge bracket methods.

In almost all regulatory regimes, commission can now be used to pay for independent research just as it can for research from integrated investment banks and securities companies - but with one big difference. With 3rd party research, you select precisely which analysts and which research you really want to pay for as opposed to having to pay a bundled commission rate for a whole load of services you may not want to use.

This creates a virtuous circle. The more fund managers realise they are allowed to separate out what they pay for research from everything else, so the number of analysts taking the plunge to go independent increases.

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